Venue: TKG+ Projects
Date: 2022.06.04 – 08.06

CHUANG Wei-Tzu|莊偉慈

沃時文化(陳韋臻、陳佩甄、蔡雨辰) Tsai Yu-Chen, Chen Wei-Chen, Chen Pei-Jean
呂浩元 Lu Hao-Yuan
范揚宗 Fan Yang-Tsung
張允菡 Chang Yun-Han
張紋瑄 Chang Wen-Hsuan
黃孟雯 Huang Meng-Wen
楊雨樵 Yang Yu-Chiao
廖海廷 Liao Hai-Ting
簡翊洪 Jian Yi-Hong
羅智信 Luo Jr-Shin

The theoretical framework of this exhibition lies in the psychoanalysis and social construction of sexuality. The exhibition’s Chinese title — which translates to “turning your back to the sun” — not only evokes the clandestine nature of queer eroticism, but is further linked to concepts of the phallus and phallocentrism in psychoanalytic theory. Conceptualized as a cognitive process, de(phallocentrism) is an attempt to explore states of queer desire, and how such desires can escape or bypass the dominant, masculine-centric order and re-establish a narrative of fluidity and heterogeneity. This exhibition contemplates, challenges, and deconstructs the erotic qualities denoted by symbolic order, ultimately presenting a multifaceted view of queer eroticism.


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