Signal Z

Venue: MoCA Taipei
Date: 2023.7.29-10.22

CHUANG Wei-Tzu|莊偉慈

HUANG Yi-Chia & WU Puwei|黃怡嘉 & 吳柏葳
FU Ning|傅寧
YANG Lee|楊立
YANG Jie-Huai & LU Po-Shun|楊傑懷 & 呂柏勳
JUAN Poyuan|阮柏遠
HUNG Tzu-Ni|洪梓倪
HUNG Sheng-Hsiung|洪聖雄
CHEN Zi-Yin & CHUANG Hsiang-Feng (Simple Noodle Art)|陳姿尹 & 莊向峰(陽春麵研究舍)
LIN Cheng-Yu|林政佑
Annie LEE|李珮瑜
ExiStone Workgang|石在工作隊
LI Cheng-Liang & TSAI Pou-Ching|李承亮 & 蔡咅璟
Aerotropolis Stories Live In Dayuan (WANG Cheng-Hsiang & LIN Yan-Xiang)|空城現場(王正祥 & 林彥翔)
LIAO Chao-Hao|廖昭豪

The exhibition begins with the spectacles created by images. Through misreading in the wake of image experiences, the interpretations of and reactions to images reveal how our way of viewing has been influenced by the Internet that entices people into fast consumption of images. Furthermore, the exhibition also addresses experiences related to fluid qualities in contemporary society by looking into the construction or delineation of spatial scenes, which range from the private to the public ones and involve both the physical to the virtual—they might be shifting sites of desire, changing boundaries between the private and public spheres, compiling iterations of online information, alternating soundscapes in the virtual and real worlds, the body confined by the fictious cycle of time, the body that longs to be conditioned by information, the dissipation of all things substantial and the landscapes constituted by them, or the metabolic urban renewal resulting from reorganizing politico-economic strategies.

As the viewing of the exhibition proceeds, various spectacles, or nonplaces, emerging from different sites collectively merge and form the world that we inhabit. Although these spectacles point to dissimilar things, on the whole, they reflect the current situation observed by artists from Generation Z, along with the drive that shapes the spectacles, which are certainly not strange sights to the audience – we might have even seen or lived in them. The experience of art is often said to be the experience of life. Featuring the works of fifteen artists/art groups, Signal Z uses art as the medium, and offers the audience an opportunity to review life through aesthetic experiences.


隨著觀展的行進,一個又一個在不同場域出現的景觀,或者非地方(nonplace),共同匯聚成我們生活的世界。這些景觀看似各有所指,卻也反映出Z世代藝術家眼中的現況,以及在背後形塑這些景觀的驅力。這些場景對觀眾而言一點都不陌生,甚至似曾相識或已身在其中。如果說藝術的體驗總是對生活的體驗,「Signal Z」試圖由十五位∕組臺灣藝術家的創作,以藝術作媒介,邀請觀眾共同從審美體驗中獲得回看生活的契機。

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